Summary of GAMAAN’s survey on the Coronavirus in Iran (March 2020)

Find here the full summary and graphs of GAMAAN’s survey on the Coronavirus in Iran

  • This poll was conducted from March 15th to March 20th. The refined sample that is used in this report is comprised of 14,936 people living in Iran. The findings of this report reflect the views of literate people over the age of 19 in Iran (equal to 85% of all Iranian adult citizens) and are representative of this population with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 5%. The survey has attempted to systematically measure and record Iranian views and concerns about the state of the coronavirus crisis in Iran.
  • According to respondents’ self-reports, there are approximately 95,000 coronavirus cases in households across the country, whose diseases have been confirmed by medical tests. According to the results of this survey, the total coronavirus cases in Iran is estimated to be between 457,000 and 657,000 by March 20th (the aggregation of those who have undergone medical tests and those who reported having symptoms).
  • According to respondents’ self-report about the death household members, it is estimated that between 10,000 and 30,000 people in Iran have died so far from the coronavirus as of March 20th.
  • According to the results of the survey, half of the population is very worried about contracting the coronavirus while only 13% have little to worry about.
  • The results of the survey show that 92% agree to quarantine cities to combat the coronavirus.
  • 77% of the population stated that they do not trust the government and other officials for managing the coronavirus crisis.
  • Regarding public satisfaction with the functioning of different institutions in the fight against the coronavirus, health workers and medical staffs receive 63%, NGO’s receive 30%, the World Health Organization receives 28%, and the Ministry of Health receives 15% of the public’s approval. Only 2% of the population expressed satisfaction with the actions of the President and the cabinet.
  • About 77% of the population receive their information about the coronavirus from social media. About 32% are informed by satellite TVs and 28% through the IRIB.
  • Regarding the level of access to health care and prevention facilities, 61% stated that they do not have adequate access to these items and 17% stated that they have no access at all.
  • The overwhelming majority of the population states to have taken preventive measures, such as washing their hands with soap and water, avoiding hugging, and not attending gatherings and parties. About 66% also said they canceled holiday trips.
  • About 67% of the population has expressed a great deal of concern about the impact of coronavirus crisis on their jobs, while only about 16% report little concern.

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